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 Frustrated by word games who's outcome is all  to often determined by luck?
 Welcome to " Even Steven "  The world's only  word game that has factored out luck and  replaced it with strategy!
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Even Steven represents a tremendous advance in word games. 


Factoring out Luck.  The biggest change is the elimination of luck in your letter selection.  Each player always starts with the exact same letters in count and value.  Letters are filled into your hand randomly as they are used.   Vowels comes out of a shared pool and are each worth 1 point.


The Board.   The playing board is active.  At the start of each game, all of the bonus squares are randomly scrambled so no two games are the same.


Bonus Squares.  There are new and different bonus squares that bring a level of strategy to the game not previously possible.  They are the Blocking Square, where nothing can be placed and one go-again square.

Too Many Vowels.  Never again will you have a hand with all vowels or all consonants.  The game provides you with a constant number of four consonants and three vowels.  The game ends when either player uses up their consonants.  The value of any unused consonants are deducted from  your score.  

Play.  You get 6 chances to spell a word correctly then forfeit your turn. 

If a player passes twice in a row the game ends.  Each game cost 2 credits. Earn 4 credits for each game you win.  You get 100 free credits when you first create an account.  Purchase additional credits.  100 credits for .99 cents.  Blank letters have the value of the letter they represent.

Rating.  Your 20 most recently completed games are averaged together to give you an average game score.

Ranking.  Your average game score is compared to your friends and to all other players and given a numeric ranking.