Xylemark Games Corp.

 Frustrated by word games who's outcome is all  to often determined by luck?

 Welcome to " Even Steven "  The world's only  word game that has factored out luck and  replaced it with strategy!



Tools of the Trade:

  1. Scramble.  Any unused bonus squares are randomly scrambled.  They remain in place for your move and then the unused squares return to their previous position.
  2. Boost:  Increases the value of any unused bonus squares.  Double word and letter become triple.  Triple word and letter become quadruple.
  3. Blank:  Buy and place one Blank square. The blank takes on the value of the letter that is chosen.
  4. Blocking Square:  Buy and place one Blocking square.  Stops your opponent from accessing your high value letters.
  5. Tracker:  Keep track of your inventory and your opponent's.  
Each tool can be used only once during a game at a cost of 2 credits each, except for Letter Tracker can be used as often as you like for a one time cost of two credits.